Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone without previous cheer experience make an all competition squad and be able to compete with others who have previous experience?

Absolutely, LA Sports Gym has teams of all levels. Girls and boys who wish to cheer can try out and be placed on a competition team in their first year of cheerleading and tumbling.

Do all members of a team have to be able to tumble and stunt? Does it take a long time to learn the skills?

We train athletes who are at beginning cheer levels and up. At LA Sports Gym we have the strongest coaching staff in the area. All of them are USASF certified and experienced to train our athletes. The more time you put in the stronger your skills will become.

I used to cheer for my high school and can base a flyer. Can someone with good stunting skills but minimal tumbling make a team?

While tumbling is an important part of competition cheerleading, it is not the only factor used when deciding on each athlete’s team placement. Stunting, pyramids, jumps, dance, motions and age are all taken into consideration.

I have heard that the expense for competition cheerleading is relatively high. How do your costs compare to other programs?

We believe you will find that LA Sports Gym offers the best value in the area!