We started at La Sports one season ago. Katie had never tumbled a day in her life and she started at 12 years old. This gym accepted her and made her feel welcome from day one. Their constant support and encouragement has transformed my child into an amazing cheerleader and back spot. She does flips and back handsprings and things that just amaze me. She has come so far. She works very hard to do her best and the coaches cheer her on every step of the way. This has increased her confidence and self esteem in ways that I cannot even begin to explain. I can honestly say that I was not sure how I would feel about cheer, as I have only really dealt with softball with my other girls, and I was a little apprehensive about becoming a “cheer mom” LOL but I have never had any negative feelings from anyone in this facility, from the coaches to the parents to the owners. I am MORE than satisfied with La Sports gym and look forward to many more seasons to come!
Denise Thompson
I love the confidence and enjoyment that both my Grandchildren get from their time spent at La. Sports Gym.
Suzanne Duet
My son has already shown such great improvement in just the short time he’s been here! Looking forward to a Sensational year!!
Nicole Callias
I have been a member of this gym since the doors opened . I have nothing but great things to say . My children have been in all star cheerleading for 8years . Very we’ll educated and certerfifed coaches. The dedication and hard work day in and day out .. Where the students are the most important part of this gym . That is a great combination to a GREAT program … Keep up the hard work coaches and students !!!
Sandy Bonvillian
At La Sports these past 3 years I have learned what dedication is. When I started I couldn’t do a cartwheel, now 3 years later I am working on my layout and many upper level skills. After I had accomplished my cartwheel, and back walkover I decided I wanted to join an all star team. That year I got my back handspring and filled in for an injured member of a level four team by surprise because of my stunting ability! Last season I was on levels 3 and 2 after I got my tuck. Over the three years I have learned what it’s like a to be dedicated, in my own self and In the coaches who push me and congratulate me.
Katie Thompson, Athlete
We love LA Sports Gym & their wonderful coaches and staff!!! Thank YOU for a GREAT year!!!

We were hesitant to do crossover levels, but she loved every minute of it. It made my daughter stronger, better and more confident! She would choose cheer over anything else. She started at Level 1, and is now on Level 4, and wants to continue to grow and achieve the highest level possible. Cheer is her happy place. As a huge bonus, she has made so many friends in the process!

Tammy Haydel

Why LA Sports Gym!

LA Sports Gym is serious about creating a positive, respectful environment for our clients. In order to gain the respect and trust of our students and parents, we are committed to your child’s safety. We have completed the process of becoming a “certified” cheer gym. Below are some of the things we are implementing:

Health & Safety

  • Gym Certification — Having exceeded each and every requirement, our gym is a Certified Member of USASF (US All Star Federation), the FIRST one in the state of Louisiana!
  • CPR — all coaches will be CPR certified.
  • First Aid — Knowledge in assessing injury, bandaging, handling blood and blood born pathogens is important in all athletic settings. Full coverage, meaning one employee during all running hours, will be our policy. All coaches will be trained in basic first aid through their CPR certification.
  • Background checks — Being entrusted with the well being of children entails dedication and good background records. All employees will have to pass a background check.
  • Emergency Plan — Our emergency plan is in full compliance with USASF.


  • Coaches Credentialing is an assessment and educational component that proves competency. Every coach is required to be credentialed through the proper level.
  • Spirit Safety Certification Program In addition to our Gym Director being required to have this certification, all of our coaches will have this safety certification as well.
  • CDC Concussion Awareness Training


  • Parent viewing — We plan to have an open viewing area that parents will be welcomed and encouraged to watch their children.
  • Video — We have video cameras that will record all activities in the gym.
  • Wi-fi — We will have free wi-fi internet access in our lobby that will be kid-friendly.


  • Experience — The owners have over 25 years of management experience. We have owned and operated successful business since 1990.
  • Education — Our owners have college degrees in management, finance and accounting.
  • Communication — We take pride on keeping our parents informed about the gym via email, text, this website and Facebook.


  • New Students — All new, first-time students will get a welcome kit that includes a draw-string bag with a LA Sports Gym t-shirt, water bottle and other goodies valued between $30-40.

We hope our efforts and commitments set us apart from other gyms, and convince you that LA Sports Gym is THE place to go!